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Things you should know about PyramidEA Ultimate v2008i

Things you should know about PyramidEA Ultimate v2008i
By adjusting the basic principles of Forex Trading, EA is created for investment in the Forex Market, not to suddenly become rich or big hit in one day or one week. You must be patient because in the forex jungle full of doubt and uncertainty to make the risk very great loss, so that the necessary security and accuracy in bertrading. EA is profitable but in a safe sekala, EA and this is for the long-term investment, for those of you who want to pro-besabar and can invest more than 1 month to try it out will find that EA is indeed profitable.

If you want a quick rich, full of emotion and not wait in the forex investment, the PyramidEA not right for you.

EA is only made for people who want to invest in forex with the patient and would wait for the right opportunity for trading, so that EA can help to trade without the need to always take the movement graph.

How it works is that EA-based Indicator of 3 and additional algorithms to produce a unique analysis of market movements to the right, so that investment is run safely and not always the loss filter diperketat akan thus making trading a little more, sometimes in 1 day there is no open trading, sometimes 2 days there is no open trading, there are sometimes open trading 1kali in 1hari, but can also get a lot of open trading in a single day, all depending on the movement of the forex market and filters made by the algorithms of the EA.

Of course we want a profit despite a few open trading. So, EA is using Compounding system which means that each trading will generate in the lot by the amount of capital, so that the number of the lot will continue to adjust the use of capital, then in this way can increase profit even though the number of open trading and a little and this way can reduce the risk of loss.

All this is done with the Auto by EA, so you can just run and leave you without having to wait.

You can see examples on our trading results statement, note the transaction on the first week and second week and see the results early in the first month. Then look at the second month and next month. Note the transaction results in the first month usually get a 5% profit and 20% next month and will then be increased to more than 100%

Lot in accordance with the amount of initial capital, and the greater the capital lotnya akan increasingly, for the next. So the greater the results of the capital received the greater.

EA should work 24 hours, we also provide help to rent a VPS and installation if you do not have a computer and internet connection 24 hours.

Remember the key of success in using this EA is patience, because this is all the investment and time investment required to get maximum results.