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The Forex Robot World Cup TOP Robots Are AVAILABLE!

- A Surprise Never Seen before In The Industry...
Fusion-V 1.1a... 354.37% In 19 Days FLAT!

- Unmatched Client Support - Never Seen Before

In life, we make decisions everyday, but life is strange that way. Ten years ago, if you had turned right instead of left, you could have been a completely different person today. That's how random it can all be.

But, we're also in charge � we have the potential to vastly change our lives in one way or another. What influences our decisions is more about the people that we are when those decisions come along. Do we
let fear and uncertainty hold us prisoner or do we have the courage to embrace something incredible?

If you had bought stock in Apple Computer in the 80's (for next to nothing), you'd be a millionaire today.

If you had done that with Google in 2004, the same is true.

We knew about those opportunities back then, but we didn't grab them when we could have. What if you had been brave enough to ask out the girl that you really liked in high school? What if you'd decided to take a year off and backpack around the globe?

Those are the decisions that could've changed your life � and today you're going to be given the oppertunity to decide again... are you ready to change your life?

- In late 2009, The Forex Robot World Cup accepted 329 entries to find the best EAs in the world... $150,000 in cash prizes for the top contestants.

- After exhaustive testing, only 24 survived to make it to the real-money, live trading phase.

- What followed was 2 months of completely transparent live trading for the entire world to see. Nothing was held back... everything was fully disclosed.

- January 29th, 2010 � the final three were crowned as champions with $100,000 going to the first place winner.

*LMD MultiCurrency: 145.60%
*HiRider: 88.11%
*SuperVolcano: 36.25%

But it didn't end there...

In a bid to dethrone the unscrupulous marketers that have been poisoning the industry with cheap fakes and knock off's, The FRWC kept an ace up their sleeve. They kept this secret from the entire Forex
world - even their own employees had no idea until just days before it was revealed.

**The FUSION-V 1.1a Forex Robot**

- The Most Powerful Robot on the Planet, which made 354.37% in 19 days of Live Trading.

- A Perfect Hybrid of the Top Five Robots of the Forex Robot World Cup.

- An Incredible Synergy � The Strengths of all Five

- With Exclusively Redefined Money Management Principles that Control Risk.

Do you want proof?

The FRWC is willing to allow you unrestricted access to their EA Lab and will provide you with the investor password for verification of the live account (not just Fusion but ALL other FRWC robots too).

You are truly witnessing a turning point in the history of Forex Trading.

EAs are hands down, the single best solution to make your money work FOR you, on 100% complete Autopilot... with no intervention necessary... and with absolutely staggering gains possible.

And yes, FUSION-V 1.1a is one of the best EAs ever created.

You are being given the chance to own the top 1% of EAs in the world... and it's going to cost you LESS than 1% of what it took the FRWC to get them to YOU.

They are available right now. There's only one question...

Are you ready?

Today at 9AM EST the FRWC will release the most powerful robots ever seen: