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Tips and Trick: how to fill the data into the IC memory, without any programming tool (IC programmer).

IC MEMORY, that might be familiar to our ears, let us discuss briefly the function of this EEPROM IC

based on its memory capacity is usually written with a number 24CXX, for XX is its capacity in Kbit. Example 24C08 means eight kilobits capacity, many of which sell in the store with number 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32. which are sold at electronics parts stores are still empty of data.

Memory on the television serves to store data or configuration settings

* Sound system, color system, NICAM / Stereo / Mono, AV / DVD / SVHS /, also works for subwoofer or hardware options such as stereo IC processing, IC av switch, tone control IC, etc.
* Last Factory function also stores data such as: white balance, sub contras, the vertical size, horizontal wide, settings etc.
* Data (user adjustment) or by the user settings such as volume, bright, contras, color, bass, treble, channel programs such as a channel filled with a frequency of 600MHz etc.

How are the working mode EEPROM IC?

At the moment we turn on the television set, then the IC will copy the program (read) the contents in the IC memory such as how much volume is how much vertical, .it will be done when it is turned off and data has been changed (CHANGE BY THE USER ) will be stored into the EEPROM IC. (writing)

Problems that often occurs is when the process of writing and then the electricity suddenly dead, then this could lead to a content data from the memory IC is damaged. (Coruruption data).

In sharp tv, damage to the memory ic TV usually Turn on and then off with flashing LED lights. the amount of flashing was usually show parts that are not working or wrong setting.

Try to imagine when at the time of setting up suddenly we forgot did not record the initial value setting before we make changes, so that it becomes irregular tv.

TIPS The following is how to set its ic memory back to default, or to a standard position (standard settings).

* To prepare IS spare parts: IC EEPROM with No Data (Empty). If its existing content sometimes did not work

I am here will provide simple tips especially for tv SHARP:

* For TV sharp by placing the IC MEMORY is empty on tv chassis,
* Then it should not turn on the tv.
* The next step is connect ( short ) a jumper for the service mode in the tin solder should be to second jumper, for sharp tv series wonder or his universe there are jumpers J122 and J124.
* Well it was only after the TV is turned on for the first time with a new memory IC (empty) wait a moment will occur the process of Writing. The result wooow default settings (standard setting them) are already occupied, then we just make adjustments to the vertical course.
* After all OK don't forgot to release the tin solder on jumpers

To Polytron To restore the default position mode is the usual way into the service mode.

* Standby used
* Press and hold down the menu button on the remote
* The screen would appear and ask for Pass word
* For 1013 no adjustment
* To set no 1014
* And to return to the default setting is 3101


  1. sir can u give same idea for videocon slim 2106 tv.standby .memory issue..