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Generic problem for all Refrigerators

The Qustioon with Haier Refrigerator :

By rout_kshirod on Jul 30, 2010
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Hello Sir, I am using a double door Haier refrigerator from last five years. It has two containers. The upper container is freezer and the lower container is refrigerator. Since yesterday, the lower container (refrigerator portion) is not getting cooled but freezer part has no issue and it is perfectly cooling. Request you to kindly suggest the proper and quick solution. Thanks. ~Kshirod Rout.

The solution :


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Ok, I'll give quick solution for you. Tell your problems, I can confirm the problem actually comes from the freezer, due to excessive clotting in the freezer, precisely at the cavity insulation or air ducts from the freezer to lower the freezing container is covered by ice. so that the cooling in the lower container is not maximal.
How to repair:

If you understand and know where the refrigerator TIMER. you can set the timer to the defrost function. sign is the compressor will stop when the timer is set to defrost, the ice melting process by a part called HEATER , will occur in the Freezer.

If you do not understand, the easiest way is, Unplug your refrigerator electric outlet and allow you to not use the fridge for a while until you confirm yourself all the ice frozen in the freezer had melted. can be seen from a water reservoir that is located under your refrigerator. usually a tray that can be withdrawn. Ok then, hopefully this solution can help you.


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