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How to measure the voltage on TV

Voltage measured on DC scale, black cable multitester / avometer put on a negative path or can be slipped on the silver wire in the tube that is not disposable wrapping.

Next, measure the voltages are available:

* For 180v voltage can be measured on the positive pin elco (10uf/250v) in PCB RGB tube.stick pin red wire multitester

* Voltage 110v for TVs 14 "-21" and 130v for 25 "-29" in the B + FlyBack Transformer (FBT), find the path there is elco 100uf/160volt. measure on a positive foot elco.

* For 12volt voltage, please measure at the foot of the right edge of IC 7812.

1. For voltage 5V, please measure the right foot of IC 7805.
2. For voltage 33v, please search at the foot of VT in tuner.
3. To measure 90v-300v, scale use DCV 250.
4. To measure the 12v-40v, use a scale of 50 DCV
5. To measure the voltage of 1V-9v, 10 DCV-scale use.
6. How to measure the voltage on the yoke and in plyback is;
* From the yoke horizontal = Fcc 110v DC, 1000 V. AC voltage can be removed with a red plug in output and in use as dB meter.
* From the yoke pertikal 24 DC current model, except for disposable coupling C = 1 / 2 Fcc. While it could be IC 120V AC (with dB meter)
* At Fcc FBT kolector; 110v DC, AC voltage = 1000 V..
* At Fcc FBT filement / heater = 5V-5, 5V AC.
* In the FBT 20-32k anode voltage V measured with 40kv HV probe is added to the multitester 1000 V. DC.
* Voltage others depending on model and type of TV. 180v out there (for RGB) directly from the regulators, transformers, Video Amp taken from FBT.
* There are 24V and 46v vertical FBT, also 12-18V depending on brand and type.
* Voltage 600 V DC and focus around the screen 400v DC.

Thus tip n trick from me (AGUS YUSTIARA ), hopefully useful.

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