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Getting to Know your Appliance = HOTPOINT WASHING MACHINE

The Model number (which can be found on
the control panel)
The Serial number (which can be found on the
inner door trim)
Model shows the maximum features available on an Aquarius
washing machine.
Cleaning the Dispenser Drawer & Compartments:
It is advisable to clean the dispenser drawer regularly:
Unplug your appliance when cleaning it or carrying out maintenance.
1 Pull the drawer out until it reaches its stop.
2 Press the drawer release latch
down to remove the dispenser
4 Relocate the dispenser drawer and push it
firmly back into place.
Clean and dry the
dispenser drawer,
syphons, grate and
fabric conditioner exit
channel (A).
Also, regularly clean the
outlet pipe area (B).
● Do not try to clean any
part of the dispenser
drawer while the machine
is working.
● Do not clean any part of the
machine with abrasive cleaners,
scouring agents, acids, any
bleaches or metal polish, as
they may cause damage.
Cleaning the Exterior:
Use a damp cloth or silicon polish to clean the exterior surfaces of the
Cleaning the Door Bowl:
Clean the internal surface of the door bowl regularly with a soft cloth.
A build up of soap powder and water hardness residue may result in
water leaking from the door.

Key Contacts

Repair Service and Information Desk
UK: 08709 066 066
Monday to Friday, 8am to 7.30pm
Saturday, 8.30am to 5.30pm
Sunday, 9.30am to 3.30pm
Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200

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